How to De-Winterize Your Home

Bring the spring indoors…

By Rachel Esco, Hannah Rogers |


As March begins to make way for spring blooms, your home décor may still be stuck with a cold winter vibe. Stocked with heavy rugs, thick blankets, and maybe even a snow globe or two left over from the holidays (yikes), it’s not uncommon for your home to feel a little seasonally confused. To ensure your home décor is not lagging behind the times, here’s how to give your rooms a little makeover and start bringing the spring indoors.

Lighter Colors

Dark blankets and pillows create a wintery essence. Change it up with some light or neutral colors to keep the room feeling cool and refreshing. This also gives your space a blank canvas to work with, allowing you to add art or sculptures with a spring-like theme (like woodland animals, forest greenery, fruit or florals). With this approach, you’ll be free to coordinate a bunch of different pieces together to create a space that matches your personality.

Seasonal Plants

Artificial plants are a great way to invite the new season into your home. To prepare for the weather changeover, make a little botanical garden of mini potted succulents, or bring in some angelic lilies, tulips and violets. Fresh flowers add pretty color to the room, while also offering a pleasant and serene spring-like energy. If your style is more exotic, you can go for bamboo or tropical Thai flowers to create a cultured vibe.

Let There be Light!

Say goodbye to those heavy curtains and opt for transparent window coverings. Sheer panels are a great option for letting in natural light, creating a beautiful ambiance in your space while also offering a bit of privacy. I mean, what better way for your home to say “spring” than with a room filled with the crisp glow of sunlight?

Outdoorsy Scents

Create a refreshing atmosphere in your home with a forest-themed scent. Smells of eucalyptus, grapefruit or lavender will help enhance the fresh feel of your home. Look for candles that are light in color; marbled candleholders are especially trending for spring, as are chic metallics (like rose gold, bronze, and mercury-style votives). When people walk through the door, they’ll immediately get a wonderful whiff of springtime goodness. It’s like experiencing the outdoors inside the home – perfection.

Invite the lightness of spring into your space using these simple solutions to your décor. Your seasonal metamorphosis can be as simple as a few easy touches, taking your house from a winter wonderland to a spring haven in no time!